Safety First    Fun Second    Competition Third!

Held every 4th Sunday of the month.

IDPA- International Defense Pistol Association

                 Beginners Encouraged to Participate!!!




IDPA Match is held every 4th Sunday of the month.

Safety Briefing and set up 8:30. Match shortly there after.

FEE $20.

Shooting around barricades, doors and windows at swinging and turning targets. 

All skill levels encouraged to participate!

What's needed?

100 round of ammo, an OSWB holster, belt, cover shirt, 3 magazines.

We are a tier 2 group. Anyone can shoot. But in order for it to be recorded on IDPA, you must be a member of IDPA. You do not have to join the range to shoot IDPA or be a member of IDPA to just come out and shoot it for fun. Many do.

Membership Pricing FOR IDPA

                                               Initial     Renewal

USA 1 Year                             $40         $40

USA 3 Year                             $105       $105

Important you have the right equipment if your wanting your scores to be recorded.

Please see the link below, specifically Chapter 8

"Equipment Rules."


Any question can be directed to Robbie Lightfoot Master Safety Match Director for IDPA. Just put a message directed to Robbie Lightfoot on the groups facebook page.



Copy and paste link below in your browser for Rules on Equipment                                                    

Also "The Steel Challenge" once a month! Check for scheduled dates.

Range Match Director/Safety Officer

Nick Brandt. Shooting Steel plates. 4 hot and 1 stop plate. Predetermined, best out of so many tries....Simply. Fun. Very little ammo.


GunPort Ranges open at 9 am to the public