Safety First    Fun Second    Competition Third!

Held every 4th Sunday of the month.

In July ONLY IDPA will be held the 19th of July, Sunday. Many of the Safety Officer are out of town for National IDPA matches, so we are making a one time exception and holding it the 3rd Sunday in July.


IDPA- International Defense Pistol Association

 Beginners Encouraged to Participate!!!




Match is held every 4th Sunday of the month.

Safety Briefing and set up 8:30. Match there after. FEE $20.

Shooting around barricades, doors and windows at swinging and turning targets. 

All skill levels encouraged to participate!

What's needed?

100 round of ammo, an OSWB holster, belt, cover shirt, 3 magazines.

We are a tier 2 group. Anyone can shoot. But in order for it to be recorded on IDPA, you must be a member of IDPA. You do not have to join the range to shoot IDPA or be a member of IDPA to just come out and shoot it just for fun. Many do.

Membership Pricing FOR IDPA

                                               Initial     Renewal

USA 1 Year                             $40         $40

USA 3 Year                             $105       $105


It Is important you have the right equipment if your wanting your scores to be recorded.

Please see the link below, specifically Chapter 8

"Equipment Rules."


Any question can be directed to Robbie Lightfoot Master Safety Match Director for IDPA. Just put a message directed to Robbie Lightfoot on the groups facebook page. 

Copy and paste the link below on the facebook search bar, it will take you right to it.

Copy and paste link below in your browser for Rules on Equipment                                                    

You're welcomed to shoot it just for fun!

Hogan's Alley and the Handgun ranges will be closed to the public for this event.You can shoot handgun and rifle on the utility range during IDPA Events. This event will NOT affect the Skeet Wobble or shotgun range.

Range opens at 9 am