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Full List of Courses


Self-Defense, Career, Competition, Sport or just for the fun of shooting


NRA Introductory to Handguns 1 hr.- (3 Student minimum)

Self-Defense Phase I     The Law 3 hrs.

Self-Defense Phase II    Tactical  3 hrs.

Self-Defense Phase III   Tactical  3 hrs.

Self-Defense Phase IV   Night Fire  1.5 hrs.


Custom One-On-One

Our most popular Course (Can be a small group)

Tailored to the Student(s)  2 hrs. initially- may be extended


Reinforcement Course- for Phase 2 and 3 Self Defense  2 hrs~.


Preparation for Military Service  4 hrs.~  


Security Reaction Force  3.5 Days 


Rifle Courses  

Patrol Rifle

Battle Rifle

Assault Rifle

Precision Rifle

Initially 2 hrs.- May be extended


Shotgun Courses

Sporting Clays 1.5 hrs.    Field built to NSSA standards Remote control delayed

Home-Defense 3.5 ~ hrs.  

Hunting 3.5~ hrs.


Church Response Team-Group. An Evaluation of the Church Grounds.  5 hrs.


First Aide/Triage Time dependent upon group size (agency, standing watch) or Individual  


Ladies Only Course 3 hrs.


Youth Courses- Young American, Youth Course, Kids Class, Trail Life, Boy Scouts- Time varies


Reloading Phases Beginners - Advancing- Minimum of 2 days~

Guards ASRB Standards

Certified Security Officer Training 4 hrs.    

Non-Lethal OC Training  4 hrs.


Peace Officer/Retired LEO’s 1.5 hr.


Survival Courses-Land Navigation Map/Compass Reading

2 hrs. minimum- Up to 8 days

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You do not have to own a firearm to take these courses

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