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Alan Waldo

7 reviews·6 photos

4 years ago

After researching facilities I choose GunPort FCAT. They have a fantastic range and the instructors are First Class. With an exemplary military record serving our country along with NRA training, Lt. Col (Rt) Mozingo is the best instructor you could ever want! I took the level one training and was so impressed I continued on to levels two and three. After the first level of training we were shooting golf balls on the range. Levels two and three taught many skills that would very beneficial during a real world self defense situation. I'm wondering if a level four class will ever been started? I would take that too!
All shooters are required to watch a safety video before accessing the range and the rules are enforced, I've seen it with my own eyes!
"First Class" in the name is in fact what they are 100% all the way!


Jacob Smith

16 reviews

7 months ago

I took a pistol lesson here with an instructor named Josh. He was excellent. The facility was excellent, great set up, lots of options and the customer service was spot on. I would highly recommend.


Lori Bosarge

3 reviews

2 years ago

I had not shot a gun in over 30 years.
I've learned so much. These are fine classes to take from Level 1, 2, 3 and 4. Not only do you learn how to shoot different kinds of pistols but safety, life or death maneuvers, how to keep calm and focused, enjoy watching and learning from others in class.
Also the history of guns and ammunition.
Mr. Gary is an excellent instructor, Ms Diane there to greet you and answer questions, Bobbie cleaned my revolver in record time, packed gear needed for training, even brought us water when I was slap worn out from the long day.
When I purchased my pistol permit I took my Certificates to show. The officer was very impressed with the extent of the training. The Night Fire, Level 4 was awesome and totally different when aiming at the targets.
I think these training courses should be required before being able to carry anything with bullets.


Tammy Ruffin

3 reviews

3 years ago

This place is fantastic!!!! Mr. Gary, Ms. Dianne and Ms. Bobby are very knowledgeable and personable. If you are in need of the fundamentals or simply just to brush up on the use of firearms, then this is the ONLY place for you! I walked out better than I walked in and it is because of the outstanding training that was provided. Please do not wait for something to happen (like I did). Call and get started on your training today at the GunPort First Class Arms Training Academy. You won't regret it!

Response from the owner3 years ago

Thank you. Many complain about what has happened to them, but few choose to actually prepare to defend themselves,their family and property. You are the exception.


Mark J.

Local Guide·149 reviews·13 photos

6 years ago

Recently I received a handgun as a gift under the condition I took a handgun safety course. I called GunPort and signed up for a one on one training course with Gary. I'm glad I did. Gary took me through a comprehensive course that included history, law, marksmanship, and SAFETY. He walked me through scenarios illustrating the gravity and responsibility associated with owning and carrying a handgun. He trained me in marksmanship, and gave me many tips to improve my speed and accuracy. All of the training was catered specifically to me and what I needed help with. It was a fantastic value.

The facilities here were absolutely incredible. They have multiple ranges and guns you can rent.

Gary and the team at GunPort are awesome. I HIGHLY recommend you come check them out. Give them a call!


Matt Campbell

Local Guide·267 reviews·35 photos

3 years ago

Safety is Mr. Gary's main goal for all of the people that walk through the entrance. Very friendly and welcoming to people looking to shoot firearms of all types. I came in today to shoot my rifles so I spent time on the range. The rules are clearly stated. One of my favorite rules thus far is the hot range/ cold range announcement to shooters when there is need to step beyond the firing platform. In fact, this is how I introduced myself to Mr. Gary, then asked for a cold range while I placed my target's, and everyone stood behind the firing line. Very safe feeling!! Thanks!! Will be back many times. Looking forward to some possible in depth training with my battle rifle.


Randy Miller

Local Guide·34 reviews·20 photos

2 years ago

Facility is nice, but had a bad experience. After watching the safety video and getting my range card I proceeded to the range. It was a cold range when I got there so I went to set up targets. Prior to the range going hot, I realized I had set my stuff on the wrong bench. I picked up a cardboard box of ammo and moved it to the correct one. No mags, no gun, no unboxed ammo. Just a box. The range went hot and I started loading. I turned around and the owner was walking up behind me and asked for my card. Confused, I asked why and she tells me that I had caused a violation and would receive a punch on my card(after 3 punches, you can’t come back ever). While I totally understand that they want to be strict on rules, I feel like a warning would have been efficient in this situation. Had I been pointing a gun or actually loading something while the range was cold, I totally get it. Either way it put a sour taste in my mouth for this place.


Jordan Vallas

Local Guide·81 reviews·13 photos

4 years ago

One of the best ranges in the South.
Staff are always friendly and very knowledgeable.
I have taken some classes and can attest Gary is a fantastic mentor, I look forward to taking more of his self defense and rifle classes.
The range is always clean, as well as other facilities and other members are always courteous to others, the community here is A++.


Crystal Johnson

1 review

4 years ago

I have taken all three self-defense classes that are offered at GunPort, loved the instructor. He is very knowledgeable of all laws and information necessary for carrying a hand gun. All the people there are very friendly and helpful! Will definitely be back and would recommend GunPort to anyone looking for self-defense classes or just needing a shooting range.


Reese Herrington

7 reviews

4 years ago

Me and my whole family love going to GunPort. We try and go as often as possible...... The classes are awesome for anyone. Even people that have been shooting their whole lives and combat veterans alike. I am personally a combat veteran and greatly enjoyed the Self Defense Phase 1 class. Can't wait for Phase 2



3 reviews

6 years ago

Excellent facilities, great people!
Very patient with all my questions.
Never owned a gun before, I took the 3hr class & fired my 9mm.
I felt so much more comfortable with my gun.
I've been trying to fire once a week & no longer fear my gun. :-)
If your just learning or want to get back into firing.
I highly recommend GunPort Shooting Range!


Stephanie Watts

28 reviews

6 years ago

I drive from mobile to come to this facility. Mr. Gary and his daughter not only show you unbiased southern hospitality he is a retired colonel in the military and his training is unbeatable. I took his level one self defense class, he taught me the laws available to me to protect myself and by the end of the class he had me shooting golf balls! I am a young blond female and I always feel I'm treated with equality and respect in his business. Love this place!!! I also just ordered another pistol from Mr. Gary he found exactly what I wanted at a fair price and even took me out to shoot it to make sure I was comfortable with the gun before I took it home. If you want to undoubtedly protect yourself in today's word, they will show you everything you need to know at a tailored pace


James Barnes

Local Guide·15 reviews

4 years ago

My wife and I have been to all three Self Defense Handgun Classes.
We love them and enjoyed all phases of the training. Couldn't ask for a friendlier, more pleasant atmosphere to take the wife to learn how to defend herself with a firearm. She loves the place, and wants us to attend more classes !


Roger McLain

5 reviews·3 photos

4 years ago

I have taken 3 classes and found all 3 to be very informative. The instructor was excellent.
Visit the range 1 - 2 times a month, range is clean and staff is always very friendly. My wife and I enjoy shooting at GunPort.


Justin Osuch

Local Guide·25 reviews·2 photos

3 years ago

The range was very clean and in great condition. This was a great shooting experience, the staff was helpful and the range was well kept. If you are in Mobile and don't feel like driving 50+ mins to Three Brothers this is a good spot.


Christina Williams

6 reviews

2 years ago

Mr. Gary is an awesome instructor, I learned so much and enjoyed the history of the different guns. And he taught me how to handle my gun. The rest of my family will be taking the safety classes offered.


Jamie Hinton

Local Guide·34 reviews·72 photos

11 years ago

The husband and I were referred to GunPort by Eddie's in Theodore. Scott Riva, one of the instructors, is a great guy. He'll tell you what to do and how to do it, just like that. Firearms available for rental. HUGE ranges for both pistols and shotguns. Snacks and coffee! We drive from Mobile to Coden, and the friggin' drive is worth it.
Warning though, when it starts to get warm, bring some OFF! Yeah, what about memberships?!?!? Come on.....!!!!!


Gatita Dorkarina

16 reviews·1 photo

4 years ago

I absolutely love Gunport! Best place in town to not only shoot but as I went through their class I was very well informed and the knowledge I learned was top notch. Love gunport and will always go to gunport. Everyone there is very kind and knowledgeable!

Response from the owner4 years ago

We are the secret of south Alabama. Thank you for your reviews.




Donald Garnto

Local Guide·25 reviews·11 photos

6 years ago

Went there for the first time yesterday. The drive from Fairhope was 1 hour, exactly, and worth every minute of it. Spent most of the day there and really was impressed with the facilities and personnel. Plan on trying to make it a weekly trip.


Ralph Oalmann

1 review

2 years ago

Good people great shooting range and they are a FFL I pick up my new firearm at the range and take it out too shot love the convenience.


Orzhov Pally

Local Guide·44 reviews·7 photos

4 years ago

Wonderful staff and excellent set up. I go on a regular basis and would recommend to anyone who wants a friendly place to go and brush up on their skills or just to learn something new.


Lee Ferguson

1 review

4 years ago

Very clean, very well run. Very professional staff and very safe environment to bring my wife and children to shoot.


Bubba Maxwell

2 reviews

2 years ago

Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and a safe environment fun and safe for the whole family love it


Sergio Muris

18 reviews

5 years ago

Great facility and service. My favorite place to shoot.


Joe Houston

Local Guide·223 reviews·

6 years ago

Very nice people there good range


Steve T

Local Guide·45 reviews

5 years ago

Safety oriented. Very clear on what to do and what not to do.


R m

2 reviews

5 years ago

Well worth the money and time.