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       A Specialty School
 Dedicated to Tactical Firearms Training

   GunPort Academy  

& Range



   Federal * Commercial * Civilian  

 First Class Arms Training Inc.

​Knowledge translates into Confidence!

Quality instruction builds a solid foundation from which to use your firearm;

Safely, Legally and Effectively. 

 Open to the U.S. Citizens with proper I.D.
Cards are not issued to Non-Citizens

  Lead Instructor/Owner Lt. Col. Ret. 
  Wm. "Gary" Mozingo  


  Phase IV  
Night Fire



​  LTC US Army 23 Yrs Ret.

  Instructor Firearms 28 Years

NRA/LEA #32978330: Select-Fire, Precision Rifle, Patrol Rifle, Handgun, Shotgun

Civilian Marksmanship Program Master 031069

Alabama Security Regulatory Board No. CT20015

Non-Lethal Instructor: Hand cuffing, M.A.C. H., Baton Cert. NLWB1/08-01/9774

Chemical OC Instructor Cert. ALMAR 305/98

NRA Range Development and Operations

Colt Defense LLC Armorer Course     

Gunsite Academy 250 “Silver Raven”



COVID19 Alabama has reported as of 04/18/2020: 4,723 cases of the virus and 147 deaths. Figures changing daily.

5.08144 Million Estimated Population 2019

GunPort is Open. 7 days. 9 AM -4:45 PM

Following these guidelines will insure that we can continue to be here for you and your families.

Range House Guidelines


STOP at the door. Please wait for range personnel to greet you. Don't see anyone, just call out. We're close by.


1. If you are Immunocompromised;

Signs and symptoms of primary immunodeficiency can include: Frequent and recurrent pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections, ear infections,...Inflammation and infection of internal organs.Blood disorders, such as low platelet counts or anemia.Digestive problems, such as cramping, loss of appetite, nausea and diarrhea.Delayed growth and development.) or just feeling unwell; have a fever, coughing, fatigued, if you can’t hold your breath for 10 sec. without coughing Contact your healthcare provider.


2. Your temperature will be taken at the door before you are allowed inside the range house lobby.


3. Are you NEW to the range, have your Drivers License or State issued ID, Pistol Permit, Badge in hand.


4. Observe the ------6 Ft------ Social distancing rule.


Inside and Outside

Separate yourselves from those not in your party.

Every other shooting Bench. Too crowded wait for one to open up.


5. No More than 7 Persons are to be in the Range House lobby at one time.

(So when coming or leaving, wait until it is clear for you and your party to pass.) Or just walk around the building.


6. Touch as little as possible in the range house.


7. Need wipes, hand sanitizer it is available to you while you are in the range house.


Praying you and all your families are healthy!

Also asking please everyone pray for Our President and Our Country. Soldiers,Team Sheriff, LEOs, First Responders, Medical Professionals, Correction Guards, Support staff, Essential workers.

No fear, this too shall pass.


For Beginners 
 Introductory Course     
  NRA/LEA Trainer

Full Hour
   *Minimum 3 Students
Range Fire
Same Day

at Our Facility

  New to Handguns    
  This is the course for you!
We aren't comfortable until you are.

Training is all we do for a living.    

FFL Licensed Dealer
Brick and Mortar
Gun Sales
Gun Transfers
Tax Rate 5.5%

Out-of-Staters Also Welcomed    
with Proper ID in hand    
Children shoot for FREE with a paying Adult   


Open to the U.S. Citizens with Proper I.D.
GunPort Academy is Primarily A Specialty School
Cards are not issued to Non-citizens