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 GunPort Academy

& Range 

Brick and Mortar

FFL Licensed Dealer

Gun transfers Sales 

Tax Rate 5.5% 



Open to the Public

GunPort is NOT a Membership

Primarily GunPort is a School

Specializing in Firearms Training


Lead Instructor/Owner Rt. Lt. Col

Wm. Gary Mozingo

  US Army 23 Years Ret. Lt. Col.

  Instructor 23 Years Firearms 

  Instructor NRA/LEA Law Enforcement  #X73174

  Instructor Civilian Marksmanship Program Master #031069

  Instructor  Alabama Hunters Education Association #AL3083

  Instructor Military Sea Lift Command for 9.5 yrs

  Instructor US Federal Arms  Verified 2017-2018 7X3Y5

  Range Safety Officer IDPA 

  Handgun/Shotgun/Precision Rifle/Select Fire/Patrol Rifle

  OC Chemical/Baton/M.A.C.H./Triage/First Aid

  Sub-Machine Guns 

  NRA Range Development and Operations

  Armorer Course     Colt Defense LLC     Gunsite Academy