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                 A Specialty School
           Dedicated to Firearms Training

CLOSE 1 PM Christmas EVE

  GunPort Academy

  Federal * Commercial * Civilian  

 & Ranges 

Veteran owned_edited_edited_edited.jpg

 First Class Arms Training Inc.

  Lead Instructor/Owner LTC. Rt. 
  Wm. "Gary" Mozingo  

​LTC US Army 23 Yrs Rt.

NRA/LEA #32978330: Select-Fire, Precision Rifle, Patrol Rifle, Handgun, Shotgun,Non-Lethal Instructor: Hand cuffing, M.A.C. H., Baton Cert. NLWB1/08-01/9774

Chemical OC Instructor Cert. ALMAR 305/98

Civilian Marksmanship Program- Master 031069

Alabama Security Regulatory Board No. CT20015

NRA Range Development and Operations

Colt Defense LLC- Armorer Course     

Gunsite Academy 250 “Silver Raven”

Video of Facility

Before Arrival
Important to
Read our Rules
There you will find requirements, restrictions,

limitations Concerning

access to our ranges.

Found on the Menu-bar below the Calendar on the main page.

For Mobile-phone users look for the red menu-box at the very top of the page.

GunPort is Primarily a School.

Now Open to U.S. Citizens

with Proper ID in hand,

including those not attending classes.
We do not accept photos of ID on your cell phone.

Public ranges remain open and separate
from training ranges during scheduled training times.

  You do not have to own a firearm to attend any of our courses. 

Training is all we do for a living
Same Day
not just a lecture


Call or email us for a date and time favorable to you


  FFL Licensed Dealer     
   Brick and Mortar       
   Gun Sales       
   Gun Transfers       
   Tax Rate 5.5%     

Night Fire Phase IV

11 Night Fire_edited_edited_edited_edite

People Sleep Peaceably
in their beds at night

Rough Men
Stand Ready to do Violence on their behalf.  

SLEEP PEACEFULLY_edited_edited_edited_ed

Pray for Our LEOs, Troops, their Families and support Teams



Valuable to Scouts, hunters and those that don’t want to be totally dependent on the GPS system.
What could we rely on if the GPS stopped working?
Ranger students are dismissed if they are found with a GPS device. Learn Land Navigation with the use of: Topographical Map, Lensatic Compass, 3 Norths, pace for distances, declination diagram, map colors, symbols, index, adjoining sheets, sheet name, scale, interpolation, elevation & contour, 4,6,8 coordinates resulting in 1000-, 100-, and 10-meter coordinates locations.
This course will be taught in 3 or 4 segments. Second and third classes include compass map and pace exercises, one of which will have a night component.

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